Idaho DMV Registration

In this webpage we provide users, updated Idaho DMV Registration details, phone number (208-334-8663), plates, tags, renewal, registration, located at 3311 W. State Street in Boise, Idaho.

How to register a car in Idaho?

You can register a car in Idaho by going to the following link and follow the instructions:

What is the phone number for Idaho DMV Registration?

The best phone number for Idaho DMV Registration to get help to register or renew a car or any vehicle by the DMV team is 208-334-8663

These Idaho DMV Registration details including the DMV address and DMV contact number, available for you regularly and DMV agents are available during normal working hours. The Idaho DMV agents are ready to assist you in issues related to Idaho DMV Registration, or any other vehicle related issue.

Idaho DMV Registration Appointment

Idaho DMV Registration for all DMV related issues including vehicle registration, driving license, vehicles, license plates, tags, and more can be booked at:

Idaho DMV Official Address

Below is the official address for Idaho DMV Registration at Idaho DMV:

Idaho Transportation Department
Address: 3311 W. State Street
City: Boise
State & Zip: Idaho 83707-1129

What is the location for Idaho DMV?

Idaho DMV is location, where you can get assistance for vehicle registration, license plates, tags, tabs, and more, is 3311 W. State Street, Boise, ID 83707-1129.

We are always happy to help you with additional info for Idaho DMV Registration or any DMV issues in the state of Idaho, all you need to do is write us on the form at the end of this page, we will update you with the information for free.

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